Shane Wolf Artistry


Q: What's the difference between a "Canvas Print" and "Art Prints"?

A: A canvas print is a reproduction of an Artist's artwork on a stretched fabric, stapled and wrapped around a wooden board. An art print is usually a poster size or smaller print of an Artist's artwork on material graded for archival and preservation. Canvas prints are normally larger than traditional "Art prints". Both are high quality archival prints!


Q: Can I put your art on a T-shirt or phone case, etc.?

A: No. I appreciate you for asking first! Morally, that would hurt me as an artist and legally you will be liable for copyright infringement. If you will like to see a product added to my shop, reach out to me at [email protected].

Q: I haven't received a shipment confirmation in my email

A: Your order hasn't shipped yet. Once your order has been shipped, you'll receive a shipment confirmation email immediately. Handmade art can take 5-10 busines days.

Q: What are your measurements units for canvas, prints, etc.?

A: All measurements for canvas prints, original canvas art prints, etc. are in inches (US).

Q: Do you take commission work?

A: Yes. Email me at [email protected] for inquiry of your special request. I do customization, murals, canvas paintings and more.

Q: I received my artwork damaged, what do I do?

I hold quality and customer care to the highest standard as you are my supporter. So if this happens to you, take photos of the package and the artwork damages in good lighting. DO NOT THROW AWAY THE PACKAGE OR ARTWORK. Email me immediately so I can start an investigation with the shipping handler and fix, accommodate and/or replace your item(s).